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Right or Almost Right is based on John Haremza 30 years of success in Network Marketing. He addresses many of the basics of doing “the business”, from prospecting, to leading your organization, and points out what is “right” as compared to what is “almost right.” John helps you make these small adjustments which will make the difference between struggling and thriving. John has lived every example contained in his book.

“Network marketing changed my life beyond my wildest imagination.” -John

John answers the questions so many ask such as,

  • “Where’s the money?”
  • “Why am I not seeing the success I expected?”

His story is amazing, from living in a trailer park to a well-known network marketing leader. His story can help you to make your dreams come true too!


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“John’s not ‘almost right’ about network marketing success. He’s spot-on with what it takes to be successful in network marketing — and in life. Listen to this man. Follow his advice. And you might be surprised how successful you become.”

-Dan Waldschmidt, Award Winning Author of
Edgy Conversations and Elite Ultrarunner

“John Haremza is one of the most resilient people I know. I’ve watched him overcome obstacles and setbacks that would overwhelm most people. He does it with rare blend of courage, determination and a commitment to keeping things simple. John started with very little of what the world thinks is necessary for success. He heard all the reasons why he couldn’t succeed by all the people who knew him. Fortunately, he trusted himself and he treasured his dreams. His story is one that will inspire you to do the same.”

–Stewart Hughes, CEO and Chairman of the Board,
Unicity International

“What John has described in this book is EXACTLY the difference between those who achieve great results from those who have average results. The best of the best are those who strive for excellence at the ‘right’ things. When you implement what you learn in this book, your personal results will improve, and you will become a better coach and leader of your organization.”

–Todd Smith, $27 Million Career Earner and Author of
Little Things Matter

“Right or Almost Right is a must read for every networker. Good intentions and working hard give some networkers the feeling that they’re on the right track, yet they become disappointed when things just don’t seem to work out. When they make the slight modifications that John masterfully teaches, things seem to come together seamlessly—they become Right, not Almost Right—and success follows.”

–Nate Cox, Executive at Sound Concepts

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